Wedding session without posing

Traveling around during summer and autumn,you often see a photo session for the most important day for any couple around the world.

Making photos for the wedding ceremony seems in the most cases quite hard for the couple. Laughing all the time just for the photographer, making perfect poses just for the pictures… All together I often didn’t saw the joy of this special event.

As a photographer, who likes natural emotions and sourroundings, I tried something different. I asked the couple to take a walk without paying attention to me. That gave me the chance to contentrated all the time on the composition and the light. The couple were smiling and doing spontainious dancings at the gras- just because they were happy having this wounderful afternoon together.

The pictures reflect this sunny day close to the Polish city Ustka. Without using any tools of „Photoshop“ or other image manipulation you see pure moments of happiness.

I want to thanks for the trust of Ania and Michal, who just behave the way as they are: As a young couple, who has the heart of walking the journey through life together.

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