červený míč / red ball


For me as a foreigner, who has been living in Prague for one year, it was important to get to know the city. The project with the red ball helped me to get involved in the city, to become an insider of special places. For sure you can use a map or some tourist magazine, but they will show you Prague in a very superficial way.

In this project I asked migrants from different countries to show me their „personal places“ in Prague. I used the red ball to mark the places. In the interview you get to know not only the places but the people, who compare Prague with their home countries. In the same interview you get to know their live they had in their home countries and the perspectives they have in Prague.

The project has the aim to get a different point of view about Prague. We will have the chance to get to know some special places in Prague, we may have never recognized before. Thanks to the experience of migrants we can see through their eyes and get to know Prague in an unexpected way.

Film and Project: Red Ball

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